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Where we are

The Dal Verme Castle of Zavattarello dominates a small Medieval borough of Oltrepò Pavese in the high valley of the Tidone river.
Since ancient times a strategic crossroads, nowadays Zavattarello is still a central place, in the border area of four regions known as "Four Provinces": it is indeed at the intersection between the provinces of Pavia (Lombardy), Piacenza (Emilia Romagna), Alessandria (Piemonte) and Genua (Liguria).

The castle is only 700m from the town centre, even though the top of the hill seems far. The sweet slope is not hard, it requires on foot about 10-12 minutes, giving you the possibility to visit the Medieval borough and then follow a pleasant path in the wood.


Via Carlo Dal Verme 4, 27059 Zavattarello (Pavia - Italy)
Tel./Fax (+39) 0383 589132 - 746 (from 8am to 2pm)

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