Medieval Days

In Pietro Dal Verme's Court

Every year on 15th and 16th August the Dal Verme Castle comes back to its glorious past: with ladies, knights, artisans, courtsmen, the garden and the rooms are animated with battles, dances and games, with a lot of entertainments.
Two days of feast to relive the magical athmospheres of the Medieval Ages, diving in the life of a fortress during the 15th century.
The Medieval Days of Zavattarello celebrate an event linked to the most famous person of this castle: Pietro dal Verme. These days celebrate the betrothal between him and Chiara Sforza.
During all the event, Dal Verme Square will become a Medieval Market, where you can buy souvenirs, watch the artisans at work, try ancient games.
The guided tours inside the Castle rooms will be surrounded by an ancient athmosphere, with the reconstruction of the life of this fortress during the late 15th century: you are going to meet dancers, musicians, ladies, knights, jesters.
The enemies will try to besiege the castle: Pietro and his men must show all their virtue to ward off the attack.
To fulfil the event, the Medieval banquet at the foot of the castle (on 15th August evening) with ancient dishes and the reenactors paying homage to Pietro and Chiara and their guests with dances, music, juggling, duels. At the end, in Dal Verme Square the Fire Show and fireworks.
During all the event, free shuttle service from Dal Verme Square to the Castle.

Medieval market with

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Artigianato Medhelan
Birrificio Oltrepò
Donatella Bonomo
Ennio Brancalion - Araldica Milano
Hippocras Commendae
I Custodi del Tempo
Il Laboratorio Incantato
L'angolo della lama
La Tana del Verca
Medicamentum Sanorum - Magia d'erbe
Michele Calvello
Solange Mela
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