Dal Verme Castle of Zavattarello

The Castle seen from the town

Entirely stone-made, with walls up to 4 metres thick, the Castle of Zavattarello is a titanic building, an astonishing medieval fortress that resisted numerous sieges.
From the terrace and the tower you can see a breathtaking panorama of all the surrounding land: green fields, deep woods, high mountains and low hills with other castles - Montalto Pavese, Valverde, Torre degli Alberi, Pietragavina. From here, you can understand well why they decided to build this stronghold here, in such a strategic place.
The solid fortress overlooks the Medieval borough clinging to the hill, that once was without trees to allow the castle defenders a better control against enemies. Now, instead, the wood surrounding the building is a protected area, a 79 hectares park.
We invite you to come and discover the beauty and the history, the art and the architecture, the past and the future of this fully restored Medieval castle. Events, ceremonies, exhibitions, parties, conferences make these rooms alive, where ancient and modern merge, creating a unique emotional twine.