Summer in Art

Edizione 2016

"Anti-Equilibrium" by Han Kwangwoo
from Saturday 30th April to Sunday 5th June
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"I Figli della Neve" by Walter Passarella and Alessandra Pisani
from Saturday 18th June to Sunday 7th August
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One of the exhibitions of Summer in Art

"Summer in Art" is the annual cycle of exhibitions organised by the "Giuseppe e Titina dal Verme" Contemporary Art Museum.
Experiments, interpenetrations, exchanges. These are the main features of the exhibitions in the rooms of the Dal Verme Castle.
This stronghold has a quite young museum, but whose history begins far away, long before its official opening. It is deeply linked to the life of this ancient building. Such an old castle has indeed been container and producer of art of every kind along all its centuries. These are the reasons for the opening of the Contemporary Art Museum as for the organisation of “Summer in Art”: to keep alive the display, the communcation and promotion of art in a place that has always been suitable for this.
the relationship between castle and museum, container and contained, has always been deep in the fortress of Zavattarello, and the exhibitions of "Summer in Art" want to enlighten it. So, during "Summer in Art" you can see young and famous artists displaying their art in such a particular place.
It usually is easy displaying an exhibition in an empty white room that you can characterise as you wish. More difficult is organising an exhibit in a strong place, with its own identity and personality.
In those cases it is a challenge, but when the challenge is accepted, the final result is often more pleasing and rich in significance.

dr. Sara Rossi
Director of the Museum