The Park of the Castle

The Park of the Castle: the map at the entrance

The Park of the Castle of Zavattarello includes the 79 hectares around the fortress that dominates the town. Its hills, woods and cultivated fields touch the Medieval village.
The hill is in the middle of the valleys of the rivers Tidone, Morcione and Calghera.
The valley of the Tidone forms a great meander when meeting the hill of the castle, opening towards Romagnese and the Penice Pass, after the narrow gorges of the Trebecco lake. Southwestward the system of the Morcione river touches the hill, offering broad panoramas of the valley and the slopes towards Pietragavina and Varzi on one side and towards Mount Calenzone on the other, until the Natural Reservation of Mount Alpe. Westward the Calghera river, open towards the Nizza valley, enters the Morcione: here you can find and area with woods typical of the northern Appennino.
This Park is the core of a hill system, in a central position that is emphasized by the emerging of the castle.

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The Enchanted Forest

“They tell, among those hills, the story of an old woman named Zavattina, who used to tell, during the cold winter nights, tales of fairies, wizards, speaking trees, elves...
And they tell that the wind dispersed her stories among the trees of the Enchanted Forest, where they live even now...”

At the foot of the Castle of Zavattarello you can find the Enchanted Forest, a place for dreams, a path in uncontaminated nature. Pay attention around you while walking in these woods: only who is able to see can find the entrance to this magical place.
After a tunnel of ashes, you arrive in the Smurfs Village, you will sure recognise the little blue creatures with the white hat. And with them there are also Gargamel and Azrael, always looking for the Smurfs houses.
Going on you meet the Pinocchio with their colored hats: pay attention, they are the protectors of the wood, ready to point out intruders. Expect consequences if you do not respect the plants or throw rubbish along the paths.
And those old roots? They are the Speeking Trees, the wise of the wood. Nature changes during every season, but they do not change: always the same, they watch over the inhabitants of the forest.
But who's there? Snow White, among flowerbeds and a lot of animals! And the seven Dwarves are coming back from work.
And then, look hard: the Sylvan Elves can become invisible. They love their forest, protecting it with their magic from the castle of King Zagnolo.
The Enchanted Forest is not finished here, though: pay attention and you will see more surprises, but only if you respect nature.

The Goose Game Path

The Goose Path is the name the inhabitants of Zavattarello give to a path beginning from Piazza Dal Verme and circling around the hill of the castle, to reach the road leading to the fortress. Our school children together with the association ChiCercaCrea transformed it into the Goose Game Path.
Here you'll find games, flowerbeds and decorations realised by the children of our schools. Gym equipments make this place a proper health path, to be walked to train in the typical local calm. This is the ideal place to relax, deep inside nature with the company of the little surprises prepared by the children of Zavattarello.
Follow the signals painted by them and look with attention: the artworks by our little artists are numerous.

Artworks, gym equipments and flowerbeds are everywhere along the Goose Game Path