Introduction to the visit

The Main Room of the Castle The inner court

The castle is an important evidence of military architecture: it saw a lot of sieges but was never captured.
The guided tour walks every room, from the prisons to the top of the tower, from which you can see a breathtaking panorama of all the land.
Here you can notice the strategic position of the castle: you can see other castles (Valverde, Pietragavina, Torre degli Alberi, Montalto Pavese) till the Pianura Padana. During sunny days, you can be lucky to see the Alps embracing the hills.
Unique is the system of inner levels, linked by several passages and secondary stairs: this aspect of the castle is very singular and is not only the effect of centuries of changes. This makes the Castle of Zavattarello almost a labyrinth, inspiring numerous hypothesis on its particular architecture.
The restoration of all the building is now complete, and now every corner of the stronghold is back to its ancient splendour: from the Main Room to the kitchen, from the Music Room to the Arms Room, fron the main bedroom to the charming inner court.
But what is more astonishing is the majesty, the solemnity, the emotion you can feel being immersed into a thousand years of history, retracing step by step the life of people who, passing by, left here a trace of themselves, a fragment of their own life and time.

What can I see?

All the castle is open to the public!
Not to miss:
the ancient prisons
the Main Room
the chemin de ronde
the panorama from the tower...

Can I take photos?

Of course!
You are allowed to take photos and...
share them on social networks!
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