Zavattarello is surrounded by numerous places worth a visit. Being in the middle of several itineraries, ancient and current, this is the ideal starting point to explore the high Tidone valley and the mountain Oltrepò Pavese in particular.
We suggest you boroughs, cities of art, castles, natural beauty and other places waiting to be discovered.

The places with the icon are part, like Zavattarello, of the club "I Borghi più Belli d'Italia".

Boroughs and cities of art

Bobbio (Piacenza)

About 28 km from Zavattarello

Ciy of art
I.A.T. (Tourist information)
Piazza San Francesco - Bobbio (Piacenza)
tel. 0523 962815
fax: 0523 936666
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Borough of Caminata (Piacenza)

About 10 km from Zavattarello

tel. Town Hall 0523 990132

Boough of Bagnaria (Pavia)

About 20 km from Zavattarello

Cherry town
tel. Town Hall 0383 572001
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Brallo di Pregola (Pavia)

About 30 km from Zavattarello

tel. Town Hall 0383 550040
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Fortunago (Pavia)

About 12 km from Zavattarello

tel. Pro Loco 0383 875262
tel. Town Hall 0383 875213
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Pianello V.T. (Piacenza)

About 28 km from Zavattarello

Archaeological Museum, archaeological dig, Castle of Rocca d'Olgisio, Mill Road
tel. Pro Loco 0523 1880405 - mob. 377 1697128
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Romagnese (Pavia)

About 8 km from Zavattarello

tel. Pro Loco 0383 580198
mob. 347 7263872 (Matteo) - mob. 392 2454640 (Fabrizio)
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Valverde (Pavia)

About 4 km from Zavattarello

tel. Comune 0383 589163
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Varzi (Pavia)

About 12 km from Zavattarello

Cultural Association "Varzi Viva"
Via di Dentro - Varzi (Pavia)
tel. 0383 545061
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Catle of Oramala

About 15 km from Zavattarello

Loc. Oramala - Val di Nizza (Pavia)
Cultural Association Spinofiorito
mob. (Elisa Pianetta) 339 2098288
mob. (Attilia Vicini) 328 9094024
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Castles of the Parma and Piacenza Duchy

Assocition "Castelli Del Ducato di Parma e Piacenza"
c/o Rocca Sanvitale, Piazza Matteotti 1 - 43012 Fontanellato (Pr)
tel. 0521 829055 - 823221
fax 0521 823246
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Churches and religious places

Hermitage of S. Alberto of Butrio (Pavia)

About 15 km from Zavattarello

Sant'Alberto di Butrio - Ponte Nizza (Pavia)
tel. 0383 542147 - mob. 344 1318773
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Romanesque church of San Zaccaria in Rocca Susella (Pavia)

About 25 km from Zavattarello

Fraz. San Zaccaria - Rocca Susella (Pavia)
tel. Parrish 0383 940987
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Archaeological Museum of the Tidone Valley

About 28 km from Zavattarello

Piazza Mensi - Pianello Val Tidone (Piacenza)
Archaeological Association "Pandora"
mob. (Elena) 338 8998379
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Archaeological Museum of Casteggio and Oltrepò Pavese

About 27 km from Zavattarello

Palazzo Certosa Cantù
Via Circonvallazione Cantù - Casteggio (Pavia)
tel 0383 83941
fax 0383 890441
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Parks and lakes

Trebecco Lake - Molato Dam (or Tidone Valley Dam)

About 5 km from Zavattarello

Loc. Molato - Nibbiano (Piacenza)
tel. 0523 464811
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Pietra Corva Botanical Garden

About 13 km from Zavattarello

Loc. Pietra Corva - Romagnese (Pavia)
tel. 0382 597865 - mob. 335 7600084 (Emanuela Piaggi)
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