Typical food

Because of its position, Zavattarello's typical dishes come both from the tradition of Oltrepò Pavese and the province of Piacenza: typical are the ravioli with braised meat, the salami, the coppa from Piacenza, the wild boar salmì with polenta, , the roaster beef, the "pisarei e fasò".
Among them, we have peculiar Zavattarello recipes.
Our land is rich in mushrooms and truffles.

Main courses: ravioli with braised meat, tortelli, "pisarei e fasò"

Ravioli with braised meat are the most know main course from our land. This is a recipe that needs a long work, because of the long cooking time, but it's worth the time spent.
From Piacenza come the tortelli with sage and butter and the "pisarei e fasò". The last dish are gnocchi with boiled beans and tomato sauce.
In certain periods you can find the pumpkin tortelli: they are different from the ones prepared in other areas of Northern Italy, because they don't have mostarda or amaretto biscuits. They have a sweet and delicate taste.
The panzerotti are delicate dough cilinders to be cooked in the oven, with a filling of ricotta cheese, spinaches and Parmesan.
And don't miss the chickpeas soup, that is common both in Oltrepò Pavese and in the Tidone valley.

Ravioli with braised meat
Salami and more

Zavattarello is situated in the middle of the production area of two peculiar products: the Salami from Varzi and the cold cuts from Piacenza.

Typical salami
Polenta with ...

The most famous dish from Norhern Italy is also part of the Zavattarello tradition. You can find the polenta accompanied with different things: for example wild game or Gorgonzola cheese, or you can find the peculiar "polenta concia" with meat sauce and Parmesan.

The traditional polenta, prepared in a copper cauldron
Wild boar salmì

One of the traditional courses is the wild boar salmì, which needs even days of preparation.
You can eat it alone, to taste better its particular gravy, or accompanied with polenta.
Not to miss the tagliatelle with wild boar sauce.

Wild boar salmì with polenta
The typical biscuits

The traditional breakfast in Zavattarello has always the handmade biscuits prepared from ancient recipes. The local producers follow the tradition, but they also propose variations with the use of different kinds of flour.
The barsadè aret the typical ciambella from Oltrepò Pavese, cooked in boiling water and then in the oven to be able to last for a long time.
In the past, they used to be a Confirmation gift: a cotton thread with ten biscuits formed a necklace, closed by an eleventh biscuit.

The typical biscuits from Zavattarello
The "croccante"

Our typical "croccante" (crucànt in the local dialect) is a dessert made of almonds, honey and caramel.
The traditional one is the basket-shaped, that needs a great ability to be realised. The best moment to find the most traditional "croccante" is at the beginning of September, during the annual charity auction.

Honey and bees products

Our land is rich in trees and flowers: the ideal place to produce honey, propoli, royal jelly and other beehive products.
The most common honeys are made from chestnut, acacia, flowers, dandelion, shamrock. Peculiar is the honeycomb you can chew to taste honey as collected by bees.
Our honey is not only for milk or tea, but also to accompany local cheese or to be tasted alone on a slice of bread.
Zavattarello is a leader in the production of high quality honey, so in 2015 the Beekeeper Association was born, to obtain quality certifications for our production.

One of the most common variety of honey comes from chestnut
Mushrooms and truffles

Ancient is the tradition of mushrooms and truffles harvest in Oltrepò Pavese. The high Oltrepò Pavese is one of the most important producers in Italy.
The harvest of mushrooms and truffles has precise rules, to mantain the environment in which they grow.

Pregiati tartufi neri