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Visit the Dal Verme Castle from April to October

"Zavattarello is perhaps
the most historical place in the province
for ancient facts of war,
so it needs a special mention..."

Monografia di Bobbio - 1859

The green pearl of Oltrepò Pavese

Zavattarello is a small Medieval borough in Oltrepò Pavese in the high valley of the Tidone river, dominated by the Dal Verme Castle, surrounded by an uncontaminated nature, where peace reigns. Time here seems different from the rest of the world: tradition and innovation coexist, merging in a pleasant equilibrium.
Zavattarello is able to give, to its inhabitants as well as to passersby, the permanent memory of a lifestyle that is linked to the most ancient rhythms but also open to the future.

Zavattarello, the green pearl of Oltrepò Pavese
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